Khawlah Alassady

General Manager and BOD Chairman



  • Ph.D  degree in managerial & costs accounting from Baghdad university / high institution of financial and accounting studies 2005-2006 With average excellent , this certificate considers the highest  professional degree in this field and the first granted certificate in Iraq , this study applies the same approach of the Global institute (administrative & cost accounting / ACA) , and the approach applied by (OECD),which consist of a study in the economic , administrative, financial and accounting science and human resources , internal audit system ,electronic information system , financial administration, financial analysis and risk managements.


  • B.s degree from Baghdad University, Administration & Economic College – Accounting Dept with Average Good in 1980-1981.




-  Previous positions: - General Manager Assistant of Rasheed Bank.

-  Representative of Rasheed Bank in the state commission of QI-CARD.

-  Member of the Iraq councit anti - money laundering and financing terrorism .

-  Member of Coordinating council between the financial policy and the cash policy .

-  Member of the board of directors for the Union of Arab Banks . 



 Regulatory supervision:

-  Supervising the banking studies and operation Dept.

-  Supervising electronic payments system.

-  Supervising Treasury Dept and volt managing its funds.

-  Supervising Statistics and researches Dept.

-  Supervising Islamic Nafidha Dept.

-  Supervising Bank credit Dept.

-  Supervising Compliance Dept

-  Member of the international and Arab bankers - risk managements team.

-  Member of Accountants Association.



Professional Career:

   First appointed at Rafidain Bank in 1981.

-    She gradually progressed up in the career ladder and served  several grades from (accountant  assistant ,  accountant , manger assistant , manager and senior manager , and worked in most of the departments in the bank such as ( foreign remittance dept, deposit dept  , documentary credits dept, current and savings account dept , inside Iraq branch dept, accountant dept)  for more than ten years.

-   She worked in the general administration of Rasheed Bank, in banking studies and operation dept and as an inspector in internal audit dept and she granted the highest authorization signature in the bank (A) class.

-    High Experience in formation administrative assortments such as (exchange accounts division, electronic payments unit, electronic cards and channel division in the general administration plus the bylaw of this division.                                                                                                        

-    High aptitude within workshops.

-    Prepare cash flow statement for the first time in a government bank and apply it and grant it by the Federal Board of Supreme Audit.

-    Prepare and execute the reform demands and prepare the budget draft after the bank reform process 2007 – 2010.

-    Member of several internal committees in Rasheed Bank or the sheared with foreign committees.

-   She has got recently the best Arabic Executive Manger award (2016) , in the banking and financial sector in Iraq and the Arab Homeland .        



Certificates of appreciation:

Certificate of appreciation from the minister of finance due her role in taking strict audit internal procedures and personal following up with local and private banks, especially Basra Private Bank led to maintained bank funds from the bad reputation banks.

41 certificate of appreciation from Rasheed Bank


Training courses and workshops:-

-  Participation in forum sponsored by the ministry of industry and minerals concerning the production the performance efficiency, privatization and the legal and financial framework of the joint stock companies as a commentator on the presented researches.

-   The participation in research and academic forum sponsored by the economic universities and colleges.

-   Instructor in the training course for new employee at Rafidain Bank (explaining the banking instructions and the Central Bank regulations and the mechanism of implement it by the employee).

-   Beginners accountants training course 1983 (Rafidain Bank)

-   Banking facilities training course 1988 (financial and accountant centre)

-   Class (A) authorization signature training course 1992.

-   Training course for using computer (Rasheed Bank and Baghdad University).

-   Training course of using internet 2003 at the ministry of health.

-   The international account standards 2004(Jordan – Amman) .

-   Several training course concerning checking, install and operate the payments system. (Iraq central bank)

-   Training course about the payments engine (Istanbul 2009).

-   Training course in core banking system (Lebanon 2010).

-   Workshop in managing crisis (the national centre for administration development) 2011.

Workshop in e-government, electronic governing and electronic management at the national centre for administration development 2011.

-   Workshop in strategic planning at the cabinet 2012.

-   Training course in costs account and compliance (Egypt 2012) .

-   Workshop about the rational governance and banks governance     (Central Bank of Iraq, USAID 2012).

-   Workshop for senior administration leader’s turkey 2014.

-   Workshop about the Islamic Nafidha in the Central Bank of Iraq 2014.

-   Workshop about electronic archives and the advance time management and secretary Istanbul 2015.







The ability of working on the following programs :

Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) & internet.



Activities in higher Education:

-   Unpublished research entitled (cash management in light of the opportune costs for pending accounts in the bank registration) a PH.D thesis.

-  Giving lectures in the cost accounting for Ph.D students since 2007 till now in the high institution for accounting and finance / Baghdad University.



Supervising the thesis for Ph.D students such as:

-  Thesis entitled the accounting problems in the extractive industries.

-  Thesis entitled the use of the planning budget in activating the responsibility centers to improve the performance.

-  Thesis entitled the availability of the internal audit according to Basel requirements in some of the Iraqi banks.

-  Thesis entitled the measure of intellectual assets through quad tracks scale.

-   Ph.D thesis the challenges and obstacles to develop an Islamic Nafidha in the commercial banks.

-   Ph.D thesis entitled cash managements and its effects on the reduce of  the costs.

-   Ph.D thesis entitled avoiding marginal mistakes lead to improve the products and reduce costs.

-   Ph.D thesis entitled the environments of accounting and its effects on the reduce of the costs.

-   Discuss Thesis of the higher education students within committee formed in this regards.

-   Participation in the final examination for Ph.D students before starting their thesis.


Giving lectures in the bank:

-  Giving several lectures and prepares the planning budgets and internal branches for new employees in Rasheed Bank.

-  Giving lectures in the banking studies centre at Central Bank of Iraq in (financial analysis, reading the bank budget, classifying credit, avoiding the risk and putting the allocated money for this in 2007.

-  Giving lectures about execute the regulation of Central Bank of Iraq (including the guide regulations for credit and cash).




                           Ph.D khawalah alassady                                  

                     Administrative & cost Accountant