Bank Services

Smart Card

The notion of smart card is based on converting real money into electronic money through advanced technology that allows only the card holder to use it through live fingerprint of the cardholder. The smart Qi-card project started by the end of 2008 and The beneficiaries… Read more

Saving and Deposit Accounts

These accounts are represented by the amounts deposited by individuals with banks. The deposits are in several types, inter alia… Read more


Al-Rafidain Bank offers SWIFT service to the customers and all companies and Ministries to finalize most of banking transactions as soon as possible, as this system conducts all the outgoing financial and banking transactions… Read more

Domestic Transfer

The domestic transfer system controls all types of transfers mentioned… Read more

Dollar Sales to the Public

According to the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq, and due to the demand on US dollar by the public for travelling purposes, it has been decided to sell Dollar in the following outlet… Read more

Current Account

Current account is a contract pursuant to which two persons agree to enter into account through mutual and interfered debts payments arising from the transactions conducted between them, including delivery of cash, money, negotiable commercial papers, … etc. Read more

Advances and Loans Granted

Housing loans for the civil servants, civil servant housing loan application form, advances for civil servants, administrational instructions, civil servant advance application form, marriage advances, retiree advances, advances of journalist other than civil servants… Read more

Bank Credit

Business loans, industrial loans, agricultural loans, tourism loans, medical doctor loans, engineer loans, advancing unemployed graduates, special loans for the people affected by terrorist acts, buildings loans, artist loans… Read more